4 reasons to let Island Brothers manage your vacation rental

We live in a world where anyone can book a room from their mobile phone at the touch of a button. Vacation rentals through booking systems such as Airbnb are more popular than ever. As a property owner, you can earn much more from short-term rentals compared with long-term stays without the stress.

Continue reading to learn how to tap into this growing market.

1. Save Time

As a host, you will quickly find your time being consumed by your vacation rental. However, when you work with Island Brothers, you can maintain the benefits of a higher annual income from your short-term vacation rental without the hassle of cleaning, dealing with guests and maintenance. We manage every level of your property and bookings, so you can spend more time with family or maybe take that dream vacation you’ve always wanted to go on. No matter what you decide to do with your time, you can rest assured knowing that we will look after your property.

2. What are you going to do with all this money?!

Now that your listing is up and running, you will start earning additional income from your vacation rental. You can use this to help pay off any outstanding loans, debts, your mortgage or even fuel your hunger for travel. Either way, the additional revenue will give you a lot more financial peace of mind, so you can rest easy or choose to explore the world.

3. Flexibility with short-term rentals

Another great reason to focus on a short-term rental with Island Brothers is that you can block off dates for your vacation property for personal use whenever you want. This would otherwise be impossible in a long-term rental situation. With Island Brothers, we make it easy to decide when you want to use your home and it will be clean and ready for your arrival.

4. Professional strategy at your fingertips

Stay competitive and up-to-date on the latest vacation rental trends with us. While Island Brothers is managing your vacation rental, we’ll strategize everything from pricing to marketing your rental space. Once you’re connected to the Island Brothers network, your property will be linked to local businesses which will not only help grow the local economy, but also provide your guests with all the amenities they will ever need. We’ll provide the best local recommendations. Your vacation rental will have higher demand and we will continually adjust our pricing strategy to optimize your earnings.

Stay connected with us and learn what your property could be earning in our hands.


Email: info@ibhs.ca

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Office: 250-590-8108

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