3 Ways Island Brothers Creates Value for the Local Economy | Victoria, BC

Island Brothers is committed to working with local businesses in Victoria, BC and help build the local economy.

1. Local Spending Increases

When visitors stay in our vacation rentals, they spend more time integrating with local attractions instead of getting stuck in tourist traps. This is great for local businesses to grow by providing more chances of employment and revenue, which in turn trickles down through the local economy.

2. Benefits for Hosts and Guests

As a host, the economic impact is huge. Treat it like a new source of income, to which you’ll spend locally as well, further perpetuating the trend for a booming local economy.

For guests, the craving to explore and live like a local is now easier than ever. Plus, because you’re spending less on average than staying in a hotel, more of your spending is going towards local products and attractions. Visitors can enjoy a wider range of activities brought on by more affordable accommodation.

3. Local Services

The hotel and tourism industry often have deals with outsourced service providers instead of working with locals. When you book with one of our properties, you are directly impacting the local economy in Victoria, BC. All our service providers are sourced locally.

Check out this link for some fun stats from Airbnb.


Email: info@ibhs.ca

Tel: (778) 680-6766

Office: 250-590-8108

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